David DeQuattro
David DeQuattro

Expansion of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center with Brand-New MRI Suites

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Providence, Rhode Island, has commissioned David DeQuattro and RGB Architects, a well-regarded architecture, interior design, and project management firm, to expand its facilities with all-new MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) suites.

The established team at the company is providing architectural and interior design services for the renovation and expansion of the MRI suite, housing its machinery in a penthouse enclosure for safety purposes. The $15 million project contains a newly constructed three-story building alongside a smaller third story to connect the pre-existing DIS reception room to the Building 1B Wing at 830 Chalkstone Avenue.

The New Building Will Provide Ample Space for State-of-the-Art Technology

The three-story addition will offer roughly 17,100 building gross square feet and about 1,400 square feet of renovated space. On top of that, 2,400 square feet will be provided for clinic areas and 11,000 square feet of DIS space.

A Look at the Ground Floor

The 1.5 T/3 T MRI suites will sit inside the ground level, alongside a shared reception, small but relaxing waiting area, restrooms, changing rooms, a patient prep room, and an equipment room.

According to the project’s plans, it will provide seamless connectivity to the B-1 basement elevator lobby.

The First Floor

Professionals working on the first floor of the new construction will be able to access the B-1 first floor with ease.

The radiology staff, in particular, will benefit from the office space, restrooms, and a meticulously finished conference room.

And the Third Floor

As mentioned previously, the third floor will connect the new building to the existing DIS waiting and reception room.

However, the team at RGB Architects is refurbishing the existing space to provide a more open-plan aesthetic and increase accessibility. The result will ensure more visibility through and to the waiting area.

David DeQuattro

The Project Poses Other Features That Will Enhance the Veterans Affairs Medical Center

According to the architectural firm itself, the team will also relocate the existing retention pond and utilities, as well as provide hardscaping and landscaping around the new construction.

Such activities will ensure sufficient walkways, direct access to and from the already situated canteen, and a striking patio area for outdoor seating.

The New MRI Suites Will Add to Providence VA Medical Center’s Offerings

Even without the new MRI machinery, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Providence, Rhode Island, offers a highly beneficial range of services, including:

  • oncology
  • prescriptions
  • mental health care
  • homeless veteran care
  • complementary and integrative health
  • physical therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • kinesiotherapy
  • social work
  • suicide prevention
  • vocational rehabilitation and employment programs
  • treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (otherwise known as PTSD)
  • dermatology
  • treatment for substance and alcohol abuse; 
  • and much more. 

However, the MRI suites will boost the center’s provisions, allowing the staff to take better care of their patients, provide faster results, and improve their quality of life.

Ultimately, the expansion is necessary to ensure the Providence VA Medical Center can continue offering outstanding care.