David DeQuattro 
David DeQuattro

Upcoming Volunteered Work Projects from RGB Architects

In November of 2022, David DeQuattro, a partner of RGB Architects, a leading architecture, master planning, and interior design firm, and veteran-owned business operating in the New England area. The firm recently announced support of the Dare to Dream Ranch, one of the company’s recent pro bono projects.

The two upcoming projects will be conducted on the Dare to Dream Ranch facility in Foster, Rhode Island, which offers alternative therapies for U.S. military veterans and their families. The establishment provides treatment for emotional challenges such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, military sexual trauma (MST), depression, and mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).

RGB Architects is a veteran-owned business. The firm is thrilled to honor the work done at the ranch by providing pro bono architectural services for the facility’s upcoming projects.

Gift Shop for The Dare to Dream Ranch

The first design project is a gift shop for the Dare to Dream Ranch. It will sell products that the ranch’s veterans and their partners make in therapy.

Naturally, the veterans themselves will benefit from the product sales. However, the residual income will go straight to other non-profit programs to benefit the current and former military community.

All-New Health and Wellness Center at The Dare to Dream Ranch

The second pro bono project to be completed by RGB Architects is the brand-new health and wellness center.

While the Dare to Dream Ranch already provides a wonderful array of alternative therapies to veterans and their families, the new center designed by one of the country’s most remarkable architectural firms will improve its offerings even more.

The new facility will boast two rooms, allowing the organization to provide reflexology, hypnotherapy, reiki, and massage to its programs.

On top of that, the purpose-built health and wellness center will include attached stalls, ensuring veterans and their families won’t need to cancel visits during poor weather conditions.

David DeQuattro

Spreading the Dare to Dream Ranch’s Fundraising Efforts for The Projects

The firm is very much looking forward to providing the designs for the two aforementioned projects. He has sourced friends and other professionals who conducted mechanical, structural, and environmental engineering required to ensure the project goes off without a hitch.

DeQuattro is currently looking to increase awareness of the fundraising efforts to ensure the buildings can be constructed as soon as possible.

The Dare to Dream Ranch is offering the following incentives:

  • $15,000 — Naming one of the horse’s stalls
  • $25,000 — Naming one of the rooms for reflexology, reiki, massage, and hypnotherapy
  • $50,000 — Naming rights for the mental health clinic
  • $100,000 — Naming riding arena
  • $500,000 — Naming the health and wellness center

Excitement for The Gift Shop and Health and Wellness Center Is in Full Swing for Both Sides

Of course, the Dare to Dream Ranch is over the moon about the two upcoming projects. But the excitement certainly isn’t one-sided.

As a veteran-owned firm, RGB Architects is delighted to be involved in supporting former military members and their families in this way.